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How Air and Ground Patient Transfer Service Help the Ill and Injured?

Most of the time we ignore or overlook the essentiality of air ambulance services. However, the same would not happen if one of our loved ones was stuck in an emergency. As we know, in the medical field if there is the most important thing then it would be time for sure. Even a second of time can help save someone’s life. Time plays a great role in saving the entire life of a lot of people out there. There are many situations where even just one second of delay can cause a patient to end his or her life. 

Air and Ground Patient Transfer Service

But, if you are in touch with the air ambulance Ontario, then there is no need to worry about anything. The ambulance services are the best method for coping up with emergency cases at any point in time. In today’s period, the modern ambulance consists of the greatest modernistic and state of art technology measures. The medical equipment which is used in the current period can simply provide the patients with proper hospital-like care while they are in transit and turn their journey from one facilitation to another comfortable one. Below are some of the steps about why one should hire the Toronto ambulance service:

  • While you are traveling foreign with a patient who is always in a constant requirement of medical treatment, they can be simply transferred with the help of the air ambulance itself. 
  • In case, the patient is living way too far away from their family or guardians, then air ambulances are the best option that can come in handy for the elimination of the physical distance that has been created between the patient and the family members. Medical tourism helps a lot. 
  • Lack of medical care in the patient’s area of living can justify that there is a great requirement of using the air ambulance services for reaching the facilities that are better equipped for the performance of the concerned medical treatments. 
  • While the patient is in requirement of the hospital to hospital care. 

What is the role of air and Ontario Patient Transfer services in emergencies?

Every medical emergency is essential and calls for immediate action. Some of the emergencies might not take much time for the organization of the ambulance services and other ambulance services might not be able to do the same in a shorter time. It is a huge question of life and death. At different times, even one second can play a great role in keeping a patient alive as there are several techniques and measures in the field of a medical profession that are helping the professionals in coping up with life-threatening situations. 

Air Ambulance Services – What to Expect

Air Ambulance Services

Have you ever been in a kind of scenario where you are majorly injured and all alone in a remote area of an unfamiliar country that is away and in the corner of the world? All your networks of family and friends are far away and you need emergency medical care. Well, in such situations, air ambulance services can be helpful as they can make a great difference in getting a patient home safely and soundly. 

At the most basic level, an air ambulance gives medical services to the patients who are suffering from serious conditions and require transportation back to their country or home. When you are in a serious condition for medical services, you will be directly transported aboard with the best kind of air services through Medevac easily. A lot of us expect many qualities and different things from the ambulance services as well.

So let’s take a look at some of the expectations that the patients have for the same.

  • Teamwork 

Yes, teamwork is helpful in managing any kind of journey or situation. An air ambulance team that is assigned to you should be able to monitor and analyze the condition. There should be proper resources, pieces of equipment, and devices for the treatment of patients on board. An efficient team member will always help you in having all the different aspects of your international travel, be it working with the customs for the consultation, for arranging the ground transportation, or the other different facilities that are included for the same. 

  • Record

A proper record of the medical resources, equipment, and documents related to the treatment is taken into consideration. You do not need to be worried as they take proper care of the hospital reports, the insurance procedure, the coverage documents, the other hospital amenities, the admission process, the discharge process, all of which are undertaken on behalf of the patient itself. 

  • Secure flight 

Whenever one is on board through a plane then he or she should not worry about the safety of the flight, if the crew is supportive enough. 

You can make way with the help of air ambulance services as it provides every kind of emergency treatment and makes the patient feel like they are in the hospital itself. Air ambulance is built up like an ICU that has the provision of experienced doctors and nurses who are experts in the medical know-how. The same medical professionals undertake an important training regimen that brings out perfect care following the trending medical techniques and types of equipment that are available in the current period of time.

Making Transfers Safer – The Benefits Of Using Non Emergency Patient Transport Services

Air Ambulance Ontario

Non-emergency patient transport services are all about the transfer of patients who need medical assistance on the go but are not having any emergency medical attention requirements. These services are designed to deliver maximum convenience to patients during the transfer with facilities like hydraulic lifts, expert assistance, etc. The non-emergency transport services have emerged with a great contribution to the medical industry helping patients who need comfort during their way to medical facilities and hospitals. Today, we will bring you a small yet amazing list of benefits which one can avail with non-emergency patient transport services.


Trained support: if you opt for an expert non-emergency transport service, you would likely get perfect medical assistance and driver support. This is because all the staff who works for such agencies are certified and trained for easy transport. Moreover, it needs the staff to be informed about all the amendments made to the procedure to ensure safe transfers.

Comfort: most of the time, the transport services always sends a suitable vehicle required according to transfer needs. The aim behind the selection of vehicle is delivering comfort and convenience to the patient during transfer.

Privacy as a priority: another important factor which is worked by the patient transfer services is to deliver great privacy to the patient during transfer. The staff makes sure that the patient must be treated with complete respect to their needs maintaining dignity. However, if the patient has any issues or complaints during the travel, they have complete authority to share the grievances for a better experience. In case you have any specific requirements like you international or intercity transfers, you can book according to your needs.

Easy payments & low dependency: in case you are concerned about the payment practices with the patient transport services, most of the time you get chances to pay through online options or CC machines where you can easily swipe and pay for transfers. Moreover, they can be helpful to you in preventing any chances of dependency.

Leisure: last but not least, the non-emergency medical transport services could also be used for leisure goals like traveling from one place to another. If a patient is advised to move to some other facility or take a break due to any medical complications, medical transfer services could be used for traveling.  

So, if you are having a hard time moving to a medical facility due to your medical conditions or on the advice of the medical expert because of any lack of equipment or treatment available at a nearby facility, feel free to contact our experts. Call today!

The Importance of Air Ambulance Service

Air Ambulance Ontario

Can we really ignore or overlook the importance of air ambulance especially when we have someone we love stuck in an emergency situation? In the field of medical services, time is of utmost importance because it plays a very essential role in saving someone’s life. There are situations where even a second’s delay may cause the patient his life and air ambulance services in Ontario are the perfect solution to cope up with such cases.

Today, the modern ambulance comprises the most advanced and state of the art technology. The medical equipment used today can easily provide the patient with hospital like care while in transit and make their journey from one facility to the next very comfortable and easy. Following are some of the reasons why someone would need an air ambulance service in Ontario:



  •  Vacationing abroad with a patient who is in need of medical treatment and can only be transferred via an air ambulance.
  •  When the patient is located too far from family, air ambulances come in handy in eliminating the physical distance between them and their loved ones
  •  Insufficient medical care in their own location justifies the use of air ambulances to reach facilities that are more equipped to perform the desired medical treatments
  •  When the patient is in need of hospital-to-hospital care

Understanding The Role Of Air Ambulance In Emergency Situations

All medical emergencies are important and call for immediate action. Some emergencies may let you take a bit more time to organize an ambulance service and others may not. It becomes a question of someone’s life and death. At times even a single second plays a big role in keeping someone alive and there are several strategies in medical profession that let professionals cope up with these life threatening situations.

Air ambulance is one of those strategies. In the beginning, air ambulances were used only for transporting patients who were in need of urgent medical assistance. They were transferred to a waiting emergency medical team at a distant hospital but now the purpose of these services is expanding.

It is the perfect option to use when one has to reach areas that can’t be easily accessed by road. Therefore, the question of accessibility has become somewhat bigger than that of need in many cases and this is playing a very decisive role in choosing air ambulance services in Ontario. A reputable service will typically have the following facilities and more:

  •   The best stretcher beds with different degrees of elevations
  •   All medical facilities and skilled personnel to shift a patient from one bed to another
  •   A panel of specialized doctors, surgeons and assistants to monitor the condition of the patient
  •   The latest and the most hi-tech ICU setup
  •   Dedicated and careful medical team members


How to fly commercially if your sick?

International Air Ambulance

Flying these days commercially, has become somewhat challenging. From security checks- that include pats downs, x rays, carry-ons, removal of clothing’s, this process is just overwhelming even for healthy people. Furthermore, commercial airlines have adapted stricter criteria for sick passengers, making it almost impossible to fly if you have a critical health condition.

Well, there is good news. MedEvac Canada’s has acted as a liaison between sick passengers and the airlines. We go over medical logistics, in flight medication schedules, setting up medical clearances at airport, arranging for oxygen, an much more. Our medical team handles all the Medical paperwork from origin to destination, keeping family, airlines and medical teams in the loop. We assist through airports, working with customs, ground staff and security to get sick passengers on/off the plane without delays, hassle free.

If your sick, or someone you know may be flying that may be ill and requires assistance with a commercial flight, give our operations center a call at 416 704 2353. We are here help 24/7!