Mary Carroll

If you have an acute medical emergency, by all means call 911. If you, however, are disabled, have mobility issues or are recovering from an injury, and you have an appointment at a medical facility or a doctor’s office, call MedEvac a couple of days before the appointment. The appointed time will be yours; nothing will interfere. Their equipment is superior–their trucks have shock absorbers! Even the stretcher mattress is comfortable. Imagine that! The attendants are qualified, courteous and helpful. They will not just dump you off, but will take you to your precise location. Of course, for the return, you don’t know when you will be finished. Just give them a call and they will get there as fast as possible. Sure, there are other private ambulances which are cheaper. What is your health worth? Those other outfits have pretty rough trucks and the only real qualifications the attendants have are caps and jackets. Moreover, your appointment times are often not firm.

Rina shahani

One month ago today on Christmas eve the owner of MedEvac and his team made my father’s last wish come true. My father was in hospital for 3 months and we were informed that he only had very limited time left with us. He longed to go home one last time, for a few hours. Christmas eve all ambulances were fully booked. The doctor said if we do take dad home it would be at our own risk as he was very weak. The MedEvac team performed a Christmas miracle for us. The owner heard our story and left his personal Christmas engagement and came himself with his team to take dad home. The owner and team were very respectful, professional and gave us so much confidence that dad was in the hands of knowledgeable and caring staff. They were reliable, punctual and fully equipped with medical services on board the ambulance. I was so impressed at how effortlessly they transferred dad onto and off the stretcher. The owner and team patiently and respectfully waited outside for two hours while dad had some time at home with family. They safely and gently brought dad back to the hospital. The way they interacted with him, I felt as though they were taking care of their own dad or uncle. My dad passed away a few days later. We are so thankful to the owner, Dr. Kash and his team for showing up as angels and fulfilling my father’s last wish. His Christmas wish to see his home one last time. We highly recommend this company, and will be forever grateful to the owner and staff for what they did for our father.

Tania Polsinelli

There is nothing more settling than knowing the person you love is in good hands and is coming back home. Thank you to the full MedEvac team for the level of service, professionalism and genuine care that they provided during an extremely difficult time. Starting from the initial call gathering information, right up until everyone arrived back home, and the follow-up calls thereafter. We did our research before choosing a carrier, and right from the get go, you quickly understand that Ace and his team are the best out there. It takes a certain level of finesse, compassion and experience to run such a flawless operation and the MedEvac team has mastered that. They were a sign of hope and light during a challenging time who made the impossible possible. I hope that no one ever find themselves in the position we did, but it is reassuring to know that there are options out there and that MedEvac is one of them. It is without any doubt or hesitation that I would highly recommend them. Everyone is home now, healthy and happy. We will forever be grateful to every team member who made this all possible.

Paula N

We started using MedEvac at our Hospital in Toronto over a year ago. The staff is always on time or early and offer to assist our staff without being asked.

We have also received reviews from our patients and families, stating they were very happy with the professional and courteous services they received.

Thank you MedEvac for your excellent service and availability! 

Katrina Seenath

I recently used MedEvac to help transport my family member from the hospital directly to the seat of the plane. They completed the task with the utmost professionalism and compassion. They were extremely thoughtful and helpful from start to finish. The entire team made the journey extremely comfortable for my family. I highly recommend this team to help take care of any transport medical emergencies you have, any transportation needs etc. The team made the entire process seamless for my family and made this difficult time much easier to deal with. Thanks again to the team at MedEvac

Mark Ford

I hired Dr. Kash Zaman and his team at MedEvac Canada to transport my mother (86) from Toronto for emergency medical treatment in Tokyo. Having only 24 hours notice and working under rapidly changing requirements from our medical teams in Toronto, USA, and Tokyo, Dr. Zaman and his team planned and executed the assignment flawlessly. His mission: ensure the safe delivery from my mother from “bed-to-bed” within 24 hours. His entire team were immediately accessible 24×7 across multiple time zones. More than delivering on the requirement, Dr. Zaman went above and beyond; he cares about every minutiae of the patient’s well-being, comfort, and psychological mindset. Therefore, I recommend MedEvac with gusto. If you are like me and have only one shot to save your loved one—and that shot must be perfect—then choose MedEvac Canada. Do not take one iota of risk by putting your loved-one’s life in the hands of Canadian millennial healthcare “professionals” who could not deliver a pizza on time, let alone a critically ill patient. This kind of work requires meticulous attention to detail and precision. Do it once, do it right, and pay for the best. Dr. Mark Ford

Brian Chen

The employees at MedEvac are awesome. I’ve used the service for two different transfers now (and just booked a third) and have met four different members of their company. Each one was incredibly compassionate and caring.
They accommodated a last minute change when the hospital changed our appointment time and they even helped take care of my mom while she waited in the hospital for doctors to see her.
The staff is extremely professional and knowledgeable and did everything they could to make our transfer as seamless as possible.
Thank you to the MedEvac family – you guys are great!


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