Terms & Conditions:

1. MedEvac Canada is a non-emergency transport service. By using our service, you are agreeing that you are (or the client being transferred) is stable for transport.

2. You have fully and accurately provided all medical conditions, in order for MedEvac Canada to ensure the patient/client is transported with highest level of comfort and safety, and that this is a non-emergency transport. False or incorrect medical information may result in a cancellation of the transfer, the transfer will be cancelled, and payment is non-refundable.

3. If crews arrive at pick up or drop off location and find the site unsafe for patient or crew, MedEvac has the right to cancel the transfer with no refunds and additional charges may apply.

4. If the crew arrives on site and finds that the client is not stable, the transfer will be cancelled, and payment is non-refundable.

5. MedEvac Canada is not responsible for items that may be damaged, lost, left behind or gone missing during the transport process.

6. Passengers accompanying the client, do so at their own risk. MedEvac Canada will not be liable if passengers are injured, become sick, loose or break personal items, or any outcome resulting from them accompanying the client in the back of the ambulance.

7. If the patient requires oxygen, MedEvac Canada must be advised when booking the transfer. A fee of $20 is charged for any oxygen use.

8. If a patient has a DNR, the original copy of the DNR certificate must be provided to MedEvac crews prior to transport. DNR will be respected. In the event DNR is not produced and MedEvac crews are not aware of a DNR, 911 and CPR will be initiated in the event the patient has a loss of cardio-pulmonary activity.

9. Waiting time starts 30 minutes after crew arrives at each stop. Waiting time is charged at $25.00 per 15-minute blocks.

10. Patients over 240 LBS require a secondary crew if using a stretcher. Patients over 200 LBS require a secondary crew if using a stair chair. Additional charges apply.

11. If 407 ETR is requested by client, $1/km is charged in addition to the rate.

12. Cancellations are charged at full amount unless MedEvac is advised via email (info@Medevac.ca) 24 hours prior to pick up time.

13. Dispatch must be advised upon booking of passengers with contagious diseases or precautions.

14. MedEvac Canada cannot be held responsible for any property damage resulting from transferring the client using our equipment or personnel.

15. If the transfer takes place between after 4 PM to 7AM or on weekends, a premium charge of $100 does apply to on top of the amount mentioned above.

16. MedEvac Canada cannot be held responsible for late arrivals which may be caused by weather, traffic, equipment, delays caused by previous transfers, or any safety reasons.

17. Unless you are paying for our crews to wait on site, we cannot guarantee a pick-up time for a round trip.

18. MedEvac Canada cannot be responsible for items left behind, lost or damaged during the transfers.

19. Unless you are paying for crew to wait on site, crew has the right to move on to next transfer.

20. MedEvac Canada will not to be held liable for the deterioration of the patient’s condition, pre-existing condition(s) which leads to death, or any costs related to the patient being admitted to the nearest emergency department during the transfer. All costs related to this are the responsibility of the client.

21. It is understood that MedEvac Canada will provide Non-Emergency assistance and, in the event, there is an emergency, 911 is to be called for assistance.

22. MedEvac Canada cannot be held liable for any injuries or illness which may occur during the transfer

23. An additional $25 will be charged for taking a foldable wheelchair in the vehicle. Power wheelchairs and any wheelchairs weighing more than 50 lbs cannot be taken in the vehicle.

24. An additional $25 will be charged at any time a stair chair is used.

Last updated: September 9, 2019