Ground Transfer

MedEvac’s ground operations team delivers comfortable, cost-effective, and rapid response to all types of patient transfer requests. Stretcher service with on-board amenities makes all transfers hassle free for all ages, and commitment to your safety and customer service is our priority.

Our services are for all ages.We carry complimentary toys for kids and provide special care and attention for our seniors, to ensure every transfer is an exceptional experience. Our services include transport to and from:

  • Airports
  • Hospitals
  • Long-term care facilities
  • Retirement homes
  • Doctor/ dental appointments
  • Events
  • Movie sets – on site dedicated service

Our clients on-board will enjoy these services:

  • Stretcher (bed-to-bed service)
  • Wheelchair assistance (must be foldable)
  • On-board oxygen (if required)
  • Long distance services may include meals and beverages

We Specialize in Long Distance Transfers

Air transfers can be costly which is why MedEvac Canada offers ground transfers. We transfer patients comfortably and safety all across Canada and the United States of America. For long distance transfers, we also offer night transfers where we can pick up the patient late evening or midnight and move them while they sleep. Call us today for a quick quote!

Book a Ground

To book an Ground Transfer, call us now at 416-704-2353, or simply fill out the form below to be contacted by a MedEvac team member: