Medical Assisted Vacation

The Sunshine Dream package gives a rare opportunity to those who are sick, physically disabled, elderly, or having any medical condition to take a Sunshine vacation.

MedEvac Canada handles all the transport needs of the client. Right from their bed to aircraft. We coordinate directly with the airlines to ensure a hassle free boarding process, even if the client is on a stretcher, oxygen or medical devices.

Ground Ambulance services are arranged to and from the Airport, ensuring comfort, safety and ontime arrival to the airport.

The flight is supervised by a medical staff member right to your Dream Vacation destination. Clients are monitored during the flight, with medications, oxygen, and if needed assistance with meals, lavatory and repositioning during the flight.

Upon arriving to your Sunshine Dream vacation, we will make sure that the closest hospital has all of the clients medical details. If medical emergency support is needed, the hospital will be able to quickly assist with support.

Family and friends can choose to stay with the patient in the hospital or at a 5 Star all inclusive hotel next door to the hospital.

Your Sunshine Dreams vacation, is medically monitored trip. Ensuring the client is comfortable, stable and safe. The clients needs are attended 24/7, while family and friends can enjoy their company.


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