What can MedEvac do for me?

MedEvac is a safe and reliable patient transport service provider for you or your loved ones. Whether it is via ground or air, no matter the distance involved, we will get you to your destination safely and efficiently.

What does ground transport include?

Our ground transfers include non-urgent patient transfers for clients requiring bed-to-bed stretcher service to and from hospitals, medical facilities, retirement homes, long-term care homes, airports, and private homes.

Do you offer ground transfers to USA?

Yes, MedEvac specializes in long distance ground transfers. We transfer patients comfortably and safely all across Canada and United States of America.

How does air transfer work?

MedEvac Canada along with our carrier networks can assist with patient transfers for any medical conditions, anywhere in the globe. Our experienced medical staff will ensure a safe travel. Our air services include:

1) Dedicated Air Ambulance:

Patient is transferred with a private aircraft. Medical staff include Attendants, MDs, Paramedics, RNs, and RTs are on-board as required. This option is for critical patients who are unable to fly on a commercial flight.

2) Commercial Medical Escort:

Repatriation with a commercial airline. Patient is accompanied and monitored by a medical escort throughout the flight. We also assist with arranging ground transfers at both ends.

3) Commercial Airline Stretcher:

Preferred method of transfer for patients who cannot sit up. This option is where we arrange a stretcher set up in the rear of the aircraft. This option requires airline’s approval and only select airlines and routes are accommodated. We also assist with arranging ground transfers at both ends.

Contact us now to know which option would suit you best.

Can family come along?

For ground transfers, maximum of two people can accompany the patient. For dedicated air ambulance, one person can accompany the patient. For commercial flights, it depends on the seats availability with the airline.

How early do I have to book?

Ground transfers: To ensure no delays and schedule a pick-up time with us, please contact us at least 12-24 hours for local transfers and 48 hours for long distance transfers from the time you would like us to be there. Depending on the availability of our crew, MedEvac does its best to accommodate clients requesting same day service.

Air transfers: At least 24-48 hours of notice is required to give MedEvac enough time to set up the transfer.  Availability of aircrafts and flights affect how soon the transfer can be carried out.

Does the government health insurance cover any costs?

Non-emergency medical transfers are not covered under the Canadian health insurance plan and MedEvac Canada is not affiliated with any private insurance providers. If you do have a private insurance provider, please reach out to them first to ensure they cover the charges.

Is there a cancellation fee if I cancel?

For local ground transfers, cancellations are charged at full amount unless MedEvac is advised at least 24 hours prior to pick up time. For long distance transfers or air transfer cancellations, please contact us for more details.

Who pays for this service? What are the methods of payment?

Services are paid for by the clients themselves, or if agreed upon billed to a third party (e.g. insurance company, hospital, etc…). Payment is payable by credit card (Visa, Mastercard & Amex), wire or certified cheque.

If I am arranging transport for a loved one, does anyone need to be with them during the transport?

No, our crew will pick up the patient and transfer them without the need of anyone being present. Our operations center will email the client every step of the way, from pickup to drop off.

What is the difference between non-emergency transport and just calling 911?

911 is a provincially regulated service, that responds to emergency situations. Patients that use this service are taking to local hospitals and triaged in the emergency department. This may also be billable depending on the emergency condition of the patient.

Non-emergency patient transfer service provides a wide variety of transportation needs for those clients that are stable, but still require medical supervision or oxygen, not able to walk, fragile and weak or simply desire to go in a stretcher for comfort level.

When do I have to pay for the services?

The billing procedure is done at least 24 hours before the transfer. We accept Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, wire transfers and certified cheques.

How is waiting time charged?

We offer the first 30 mins of free waiting time at pick up or drop off location. After the first 30 minutes, every quarter of an hour (every 15 mins) is billed at $25. The waiting time is charged after the service has been completed.

Do you provide any receipts or notification for the payments charged?

Yes. Estimates are sent prior to the transfer with the receipt and the final invoice is sent after the transfer is complete. To be eco-friendly, we prefer emailing all documents but if you require a hard copy, we can certainly mail them out to you upon request.

What’s the difference between Wheeltrans or wheelchair taxi and MedEvac Canada?

Wheeltrans or wheelchair taxi services only pickup curbside, with little or no assistance. MedEvac Canada offers full assistance, picking up their clients from bed to bed. Whether they are on the second floor or basement, we have the equipment to properly and safely pick them up and bring them to our ambulance for transport.