Mary Carroll

If you have an acute medical emergency, by all means call 911. If you, however, are disabled, have mobility issues or are recovering from an injury, and you have an appointment at a medical facility or a doctor’s office, call MedEvac a couple of days before the appointment. The appointed time will be yours; nothing will interfere. Their equipment is superior–their trucks have shock absorbers! Even the stretcher mattress is comfortable. Imagine that! The attendants are qualified, courteous and helpful. They will not just dump you off, but will take you to your precise location. Of course, for the return, you don’t know when you will be finished. Just give them a call and they will get there as fast as possible. Sure, there are other private ambulances which are cheaper. What is your health worth? Those other outfits have pretty rough trucks and the only real qualifications the attendants have are caps and jackets. Moreover, your appointment times are often not firm.