Each year, hundreds of Canadians miss their medical appointments and don’t get the care they need, because they simply cannot afford the transport costs.


Air or ground ambulance costs can be hundreds to thousand of dollars, and some Canadians simply decide to cope with their painful conditions or see their loved ones suffer, as there is no other options or funding assistance available to help them.


MedEvac Canada believes that everyone is entitled to medical care, and our mission is to help them get there.“Moving Lives to Save Lives” is a charity program. A non-profit program, designed to reach out and assist Canadians far and wide, giving them a helping hand to get to hospitals, clinics or home.


As Canadians, our focus should be getting the medical care we need when we need it, not worrying about transport costs of getting there.


If you, or a loved one is financially challenged and cannot afford a transfer, please contact our office at (416) 704-2353, or email to see what funding options are available.


“Moving Lives to Save Lives” program
MedEvac Canada