Mark Ford

I hired Dr. Kash Zaman and his team at MedEvac Canada to transport my mother (86) from Toronto for emergency medical treatment in Tokyo. Having only 24 hours notice and working under rapidly changing requirements from our medical teams in Toronto, USA, and Tokyo, Dr. Zaman and his team planned and executed the assignment flawlessly. His mission: ensure the safe delivery from my mother from “bed-to-bed” within 24 hours. His entire team were immediately accessible 24×7 across multiple time zones. More than delivering on the requirement, Dr. Zaman went above and beyond; he cares about every minutiae of the patient’s well-being, comfort, and psychological mindset. Therefore, I recommend MedEvac with gusto. If you are like me and have only one shot to save your loved one—and that shot must be perfect—then choose MedEvac Canada. Do not take one iota of risk by putting your loved-one’s life in the hands of Canadian millennial healthcare “professionals” who could not deliver a pizza on time, let alone a critically ill patient. This kind of work requires meticulous attention to detail and precision. Do it once, do it right, and pay for the best. Dr. Mark Ford