How to fly commercially if your sick?

Flying these days commercially, has become somewhat challenging. From security checks- that include pats downs, x rays,  carry-ons, removal of clothing’s, this process is just overwhelming even for healthy people. Furthermore, commercial airlines have adapted stricter criteria for sick passengers, making it almost impossible to fly if you have a critical health condition. Well, there […]

Health and Medical Tourism

Medical Travel Escort – is this Necessary?

Traveling has become somewhat of a hectic challenging these days. From customs paper work, timely security clearance checks, to pulling your carry-on luggage across the airports can be exhausting. Added to this, if your disabled, sick, elderly or on oxygen travelling  can be overwhelming. At MedEvac Canada we offer a complete bed to bed side […]

Health and Medical Tourism

How does MedEvac Canada provide Medical Tourism Services ?

The new wave of medical treatments is being called “Medical Tourism” Essentially it is where people who live in one country travel to another country to receive medical care and treatment. MedEvac Canada sets up your medical tourist transport right from your home to the destination. We use a range of ground ambulance, jets, commercial […]

Canadian Air Ambulance Companies

How Well Do You Know Ambulance Services In Ontario?

There are always some doubts or some questions lurking in your mind about patient transportation companies Ontario is known for. Without getting them answered you don’t feel comfortable moving even one step forward. This is because it is not something that should be taken lightly. It is a question of someone’s life and death. So […]

Private Ambulance Toronto

The Promise Of A Dependable Patient Transfer Service

Patient services in Ontario are becoming big. With more and more health risks getting associated with our modern day lifestyle and job routines that we can’t amend to our comfort, we had this coming. All this coupled with our careless attitude in some cases has taken its toll on us and we are falling ill […]

Ground Patient Transfer Service

Factors Impacting Patient Transfer Services

The patient transfer services Ontario is famous for are gradually becoming an important component of local health-care delivery. However, do we ever discuss the quality and safety issues related to non-emergency cases? We always focus on quick ambulance services Ontario patients need but never the systematic commuting of non-emergency patients in general. We often see […]